Rev. Mikhail Zhidkov, Senior Pastor of Moscow Central Baptist Church, and R) Bernard Stewart, in early strategy regarding a Christian/Humanitarian approach for the crumbling City of Moscow.

A tandem truck purchased for our European Depot arrives in Moscow with 100 tons of emergency aid. L) Mary S. Relfe and R) Bernard Stewart. (Shipments were also trucked into other European destinations.)

Russia - Initial works

"I was sick and you visited me."
Mat. 25:36

Medicines & Equipment for Hospitals - Adults, Children & Orphanages
Upon arriving in Moscow, we discovered that medical institutions had no medicines and only obsolete equipment. Children underwent surgery without anesthesia! Empty medicine cabinets were shown us and physicians explained there was not an aspirin in Moscow! (And, every Medical Center assisted permitted us to teach about Jesus, give Bibles and tracts to staff, patients, and place Bibles and Christian books in Waiting Rooms.)

After taking chemo on a plane for a stricken Moscow State University Professor, (for none was in the country), we purchased a supply of chemotherapy for Moscow Cancer Institute. Each single box shown in the hand of L) Bernard Stewart cost $5,000. Head cancer specialist, Mary S. Relfe, our Co-Director, Boris Petlin and Translator - Liaison, Lucy Mandroussova are shown.

"I was hungry,
and you gave me food."

Mat. 25:35

Food for the near-starving During our first of dozens of mission trips there, we learned there was no milk for children, and no tea, coffee or many other staples. Immediately, we began loading containers in Montgomery, AL with medicines, equipment and foodstuffs. These were picked up and shipped by the U. S. Department of Agriculture to St. Petersburg. From there deliveries were made to Moscow Central Regional Hospital, which provided us office and warehouse.

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