Mary Stewart Relfe, Ph.D


Our noontide is Thy gracious dawn,
Our midnight is Thy smile withdrawn.
Watchman, what of the night?

J. Sidlow Baxter      

"I believe the climax of human history will come shortly after the year 2000."

Sir Issac Newton       
Observations Upon the Prophecies
of Daniel & the Apocalypse, 1733
God has a Lexicon of Disaster consigned to the end times. A recent article in USA Weekend asked: "Are we living in the Age of Great Disasters? Nature has unleashed unimaginable destruction in the past several months..."

These unprecedented catastrophes and the exploding technology of implantable microchips, electronic leaches providing absolute control of human beings, are hastening fulfillment of end time prophecies which irrefutably signal the Lord's imminent return.

Excerpts from June 2006 Newletter
"Chips in our Future I"

Sen. Joseph Biden, (D) Delaware

"Can a microscopic tag be implanted in a person's body to track his every movement? You will rule on that - mark my words - before your tenure is over."

Sen. Joseph Biden, to Judge John Roberts at Supreme Court confirmation hearings. September 12, 2005
Tommy Thompson, former Secretary of Health & Human Services, now serves on the Board of AppliedDigital, the major chip maker.

"Soon after taking the job, Mr. Thompson announced he would have a rice-sized VeriChip RFID implanted under his skin. The firm's website states that the technology could have medical applications, with paramedics instantly able to call up records of unconscious, but tagged patients."

Guardian Unlimited, April 26, 2006

Watch and Pray
Mark 14:38

Jesus warned us to watch even before we pray. Researching constantly for my Newsletters, here's a few things on my current WATCH LIST.

  • Two scientists at Britain's Warwick University have chips embedded under their skin that let them send emails just by thinking!

  • Robotics, an exploding technology that bears watching, (Image - Rev. 13:15). Robots are now enabled to speak, walk, gesture and even have sex with humans. & Countdown with Keith Olberman, MSNBC, 6-21-06

  • The implanted microscopic brain chip will merge human systems and biotechnology, making the man-computer interface seamless, and in military applications achieve a battlespace picture and ability to affect it instantly! usaf2025

  • Mexico's Attorney General Rafael Macedo de la Concha and 160 of his employees were required to have microchips implanted to access restricted areas. More than1000 more Mexicans have received chips implanted for medical information. A.P. 7-14-05
  • Personal Identity Verification Cards will be issued in October 2006, to all U.S. federal employees and contractors... biometrics will be stored on these I.D. Cards. (The next step will be the implanted microchip. Cards can be lost or stolen.)

  • Technology is availableto implant microchips in human beings which can be monitored by government satellites and utilized by private industry. Rev.13

  • Iran (Persia in the Bible), is calling for Israel to be wiped off the map. It controls most shipping of oil from the Persian Gulf. Persia (Iran) is the first nation named (Ez. 38:5) in a coalition to come up against Israel "in the later days." V.16. This battle will be fought in the absence of oil! Ez. 38:15 & 39:9.

  • Having read the Bible through dozens of times, recently I've given continual attendance to the prophecies concerning the end of this Age. It alters my countenance! As I write the Newsletters, I pray:

    And, now may your spirit be stirred as you read/see my Newsletters, books or tapes. May each bring you into the awesome presence of His Holiness, which is as much the desire of the upright as it is the dread of the hypocrite. In these last days, may you contend earnestly for the faith in opposition to those who would corrupt it.

    I truly believe the glory of the LORD will shortly be present, whom we now believe in, Him we shall shortly see.

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